Murder suspect found with homemade weapon

Phillip Diaz / Adams County Sheriff's Department

T he man accused of shooting and killing a man outside a Quincy fast food restaurant back in May is now facing charges of being in possession of a weapon inside a penal institution.

Over the weekend, Adams County jailers were alerted that Phillip Diaz might be in possession of what's known as a shank.

The sheriff's department notified the corrections special response team and they in turn searched all of the personal items Diaz had in his cell.

The homemade weapon was found and now Diaz is in solitary confinement.

Besides the first degree murder charge that was filed he now faces a Class 1 felony charge on the weapon possession charge.

He's due in court on Tuesday on the new charge.

Diaz is accused of shooting Ian Barksdale outside the Hardee's restaurant at 30th and Broadway back on May 23, 2010.

He managed to elude capture for about a month, until U.S. Marshals caught and arrested him on the south side of Chicago.

He's due to stand trial on the murder charge in October.