Multi-Partner Project creates 1600 meals

A group of local companies and organizations banded together to help feed the needy Monday afternoon.

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri teamed up with Country Butcher Shop, Farm Bureau, and Cargill.

The Food Bank noted the importance of having protein on the shelves of food pantries around the area.

"Having good valuable sources of protein are not easily... Well we don't easily come by them. So we have an opportunity like this that is actually within our financial means to take advantage of. It's very unusual. We really appreciate the opportunity," said Theresa Spaedy with the Food Bank.

Thanks to a reduction in the price of pigs from Cargill, The Food Bank was able to fund around 4,000 pounds of ground pork.

The Country Butcher Shop in Palmyra processed the pigs from Cargill at a discounted price as well.

The Marion County Farm Bureau handled the logistics of the entire exchange.

"It's just a way for us to give back. Of course the food bank and our county bureau are not for profit organizations, and we just try to help out wherever we see the need and with the economy such as it is today, you know we are just trying to help out," said Ralph Griesbaum with the Marion County Farm Bureau.

Each partner in the project hopes this is only the beginning.

"We have donated pigs in the past off and on. This effort is something we hope that the Food Bank can have the funding to continue. We want to continue to supply the live animals at a much reduced rate," said Tim Steinkamp with Cargill.

All together, this exchange will provide 1600 meals for people around Marion County.

Theresa Spaedy with The Food Bank hopes this eventually expands and adds beef to the mix as well as pork.