Mrs. Sue Woodworth named KHQA Excellent Educator

Thursday night's KHQA Excellent Educator takes us to elementary schools in the north part of Adams County.

Mrs. Sue Woodworth teaches physical education at Greenfield and Mendon Elementary Schools.

KHQA's Rajah Maples, with the help of her principal, students and colleagues, surprised her last week.

This is Mrs. Woodworth's 30th year of teaching physical education. She spent 21 years at the junior high/high school level and has taught at the K through 5th grade level for 9 years.

Woodworth said, "I've always loved physical education, and I love to teach the kids and teach them the skills of every activity that we try to do. These elementary kids love to come to physical education every day, and they love to work hard."

Woodworth says physical education was important when she first started out 30 years ago, but it's become even more important in this day and age.

Woodworth said, "They want to be active. Trying to teach them the things that will keep them active and healthy throughout their lifestyle."

Michael Pratt said, "Mrs. Woodworth is a really great teacher. She lets us do fun stuff. We've done skating, dodge ball, which is my favorite, and we have done lots of fun stuff in our gym. She is just a really great P.E. teacher."

Erica Cramm said, "She's great. She helps you understand what you're going to do, and how to do it. She makes sure you don't get down on yourself. You know that you can do it, and you can get through it. She's just so nice and creative."

And those are just some of the reasons that make Mrs. Sue Woodworth this month's KHQA Excellent Educator.