Mrs. Rhonda Snowden named KHQA Excellent Educator

Our last KHQA Excellent Educator award takes us to Warsaw, Illinois where one educator has taught for 31 years.

Mrs. Rhonda Snowden is retiring at the end of this school year.

We surprised her and her third grade class this year.

Mrs. Rhonda Snowden became interested in teaching at a young age. She started a story-telling time at the Warsaw Public Library and fell in love with working with young children.

She said, "The rewards are those times where the kids really work and work and work trying to figure out what they can do with their certain skill. When they get it, it's that expression in their face that's just the best."

Zoe Hughes said, "She's really nice and fair, and she lets us sometimes watch TV if we're good and sometimes she gives us fun assignments to do."

Colton Griggs said, "She's really nice. She'll let you have treats sometime if you're good, and she'll let you have extra recess if you're good."

Mrs. Snowden has spent 31 years teaching elementary education.

She said, "No two days are alike. Every time you have a group of students who are different, you're going to find all sorts of things that are happening in their lives and in the challenges of education. I enjoy that. After retirement, I think I'll do volunteer work. I think I'll still be working with children and maybe doing a little traveling."

And those are just some of the reasons that make Mrs. Rhonda Snowden this month's KHQA Excellent Educator.This was our final KHQA Excellent Educator award of the year.

So keep your nomination ready for our first recipient of the school year, which will be presented in September.