Mrs. Dana Trantor named KHQA Excellent Educator

You don't always hear about high school students getting real-life experience that will help them years down the road in their careers.

This month's KHQA Excellent Educator is helping students do just that.

Mrs. Dana Trantor teaches health occupations at Quincy Senior High School.

KHQA's Rajah Maples surprised her this week.

Mrs. Dana Trantor has taught health occupations at the vocational center at Quincy Senior High School for more than 20 years. She's also worked as a nurse for more than 25 years.

Mrs. Trantor said, "Teaching is a part of nursing, and they blend well together. I modeled after some of my high school teachers, so it was an opportunity to put those two together. When I was in high school, I worked as a nursing assistant and that led me to nursing school, and then I had a friend who was teaching in this program, so it all fell together."

She said, "The challenges for teaching, obviously, include helping the students obtain the best level they can, not only in the classroom but in the clinical areas. That might include attendance, being prepared, completion of assignments, having all their equipment ready. The main thing is, in this profession with teaching that they go into the field knowing that providing the best care is the goal we have."

Tiffany Mason said, "She's taught me how to have patience and self-control with other people."

Shanessa Brown said, "She's a really good teacher."

Mrs. Trantor told KHQA her years of teaching came full circle about three years ago when her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She said some of her former students helped care for her dad during his last days of life -- an experience that was pretty special for her and that she now thinks about every day as she prepares for the classroom.

And those are just some of the reasons that make Mrs. Dana Trantor this month's KHQA Excellent Educator.