Move-In Day moves smoothly at WIU

This is Dorian Walters' first time living away from her parents. She's now a resident of Higgins Hall on the Western Illinois University campus.

"It's weird, it's different. I'm not going to be at home," Dorian said. "It hasn't set in quite yet, but I'm sure when it does, it'll feel a lot better."

More than two thousand WIU students were introduced to their new homes for the upcoming school year Saturday.

Higgins is one of two, first year student dorms on campus. Staff say moving students into their residential hall for the first time is one of the most important and memorable days.

"We really want them to feel comfortable, set that tone right at the beginning that this is going to be a fun but educational rewarding experience," A.J. Lutz, director of residential administration at WIU, said.

That's why the WIU Move-In crew tries to make the process as smooth as possible.

"Move-in is kind of like a machine at Western Illinois University," Lutz said. "We have 300 staff volunteers that are part of the Move-In Crew that help move people in. We have RA's, hall staff, really, all hands on deck today. We're keeping people and carts rolling."

"It's a nice process the way they do things, it really is," Kellye Walters-Warren, Dorian's mom, said.

"We've met a lot of friendly people in just the few moments we've been here and hopefully that's something she will experience throughout her whole time here," Kelvin Warren, Dorian's dad, said.

Dorian said she can't wait to find out.