Mountain lion attacks Pike Co. hunter

Dice says the lion ripped the top of his hat and his face during the attack.

UPDATED: October 11 at 4:20 p.m.

In a new development, Jeremiah Dice has issued a public apology for making up the story that he was attacked by a mountain lion. Click here to read the up-to-date story.

Dice was bow-hunting on his family's property in Baylis, Illinois in Pike County on Saturday, October 1st when he said he nearly escaped an attack from a mountain lion.

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A 14-year-old hunter says he nearly escaped an attack from a mountain lion this weekend.

Jeremiah Dice was bow-hunting on his family's property in Baylis, Illinois in Pike County Saturday night when he says a mountain lion crossed his path.

He says the lion attacked him not once but three separate times before Dice was able to injure it with a knife from his pocket. Dice was able to escape and run home with minor injuries thanks to his jacket and hat that protected him from most of the lion's blows.

"As he landed on me, my head hit the ground and I grabbed him by the throat. His mouth was open. He was trying to bite me. He used his paw to tear at my jacket and the other at my face," said Dice.

Dice says there was no mistaking his attacker for any other cat. He was treated and released from an area hospital.

"I can't sleep well at nights now. I have flashbacks. I'm just a different person," said Dice.

Officials with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources are investigating the incident. They have taken the knife so that any DNA remaining may be tested. Results may take some time to come back.

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Letha Ann Alexander posted, "Hmmm, I'm sorry, but I have doubts what he fought off was actually a Mountain Lion."

On the other hand, Carol N Claude Dolbeare said, "This boy comes from a very respectable family. His father is a pastor. If he said this happened I very much believe this happened!!"

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