Mother speaks out about stray dog attacking her son

According to the United States Humane Society, there are thousands of homeless cats and dogs roaming the streets from being "dumped off" by their owners.

When a stray dog attacked a six-year-old Shelbina boy in May, his mother decided it was time to speak out.

When Westin Jackson was attacked by a stray pitbull in May, his mom knew something should be done.

"It happens all the time. People dump dogs constantly out in the country. I just don't think that people think about what could happen. I don't know if this dog got mean with that family, and they decided to get rid of it. But, I mean, it almost killed my little boy," said Jenna Begley.

Westin had been helping his grandpa outside when the dog latched on to Westin's neck.

"He jumped and got me and attacked me. And then...he bit me," said Westin.

After prying the dog off, Westin's grandpa grabbed Westin and made a run for it.

"He pulled the dog off me...then he jumped up on me and then he attacked my leg," said Westin.

The dog latched onto Westin's leg and wouldn't let go.

After Westin's grandma managed to get the dog off, he was rushed to the hospital.

In all, Westin came out with twenty stitches and a lot of bruises.

Westin and his mom Jenna hope that people learn that dumping your pet harms more than just the animal.

We spoke with Monroe County Sheriff David Hoffman who explained that Missouri state law allows an owner to shoot a stray animal if it's aggressive or poses a threat.

Some counties in the area don't have an animal shelter, and officers are unable to pick up stray animals.

For more information concerning your county's stray animal policy, contact your counties sheriff's office.