Mother Nature hits Shelbina, Missouri

tree uprooted near Shelbina Villa

Shelbina was probably the hardest hit in the Tri-States.

A trailer park on the south part of town that was nearly destroyed.

Some of the trailers were absolutely destroyed, as items spilled out into this yard.

Insulation was flying everywhere, on fences and trees.

Forty-one residents were evacuated from the Shelbina Villa assisted living facility.

Some residents were sent home with family members, while others were sent to a care center in Clarence, Missouri.

We spoke with Shelbina's city administrator who told us the city would be without power for at least 24 hours.

City Administrator Dennis Klusmeyer said, "It was pretty devastating. Our facilities are down. We're trying to get our distribution system back up. "

Trees were uprooted near the Shelbina Villa.

Power poles were snapped in two.