More tourism money spent in Quincy in 2011

Despite a down economy, the Quincy Convention and Visitors Bureau saw an increase in the money spent in Quincy area last year.

Executive Director Holly Cain says many people are interested in the architecture in and around Quincy.

Plus, she says the yearly Tin Dusters event has attracted many tourists.

The C-V-B saw about a five million dollar increase in tourism spending from 2009 to 20-10.

And now they're looking ahead to 2012 with anticipation.

" We've go the AAU tumbling and trampoline tournaments in May and that's 700 gymnasts and their families. Planning a rowing race for our bay in September. So our calendars are full for 12 and the weekends are packed and i'm thinking 12 is going to be a good year," said Cain

Some of the highlights for 2012 include a five stop tour to highlight the history of Father Augustine Tolton.

The second highlighted tour for 2012 is a multi stop tour in the area to promote the Underground Railroad and its history in and around Quincy and Adams County.