More threats made at Quincy Junior High

The number of known threats at Quincy Junior High School increased this week from "two" to "several."

The district has not released details surrounding the threats, but will say there have been both verbal and written threats made.

KHQA spoke with superintendent Lonny Lemon about actions the school is taking to calm parent's fears and allow school to proceed as normal.

"They are on edge a little bit. The sooner we can get the resolution, the better. I think right now I sense there's a lot of frustration. Kids want it to be over," Lemon said. "They want to come in and enjoy school and be with their friends and not have us rifle through their personal belongings every morning."

Every morning this week, Quincy Junior High Students have started the school day that way ... on edge. Students aren't the only ones who want this to be over, teachers, parents, and the police want this to end too.

"I think what's going to get the resolution is we're going to have to have kids come forward that hear something or has talked. We're getting close. We're getting more and more kids who are willing to come talk to us, but at some point we're going to have to have information that's solid enough for a reasonable conviction of who's done it," Lemon said.

Superintendent Lonny Lemon says since the original threat came in, there have been a lot of copycat threats. He says some have been date and time specific, and nothing has happened. That doesn't mean the district is letting it's guard down, and they are taking every threat as serious as the first one.

Even after school hours. The school doors are kept unlocked in the evening and even some weekends because of events going on inside the school, afterall, it is a community building. Lemon says the building is checked every hour, and there is a nighttime staff. There are also security cameras in the building.

"I think it's as safe as it possibly can be right now. It's probably one of the safest schools in Illinois right now because of the precautions we have in place. That doesn't say something couldn't happen," Lemon said.

Lemon would like to know who is responsible for the threats. He encourages anyone who knows anything to tell an adult at the school. If a student doesn't want to say anything at school, Lemon says tell any adult, and they can contact the school district.

So far, the extra security isn't costing the district any extra money.

Lonny Lemon says Junior High staff are volunteering to come in early to help search bags.

Security at the school will be in place until further notice.