More than 200 people take advantage of free recycling drop off

Two hundred and thirty-five people took advantage of the free drop off in Keokuk.


he organizers of the My Keokuk Goes Green Community Wide Recycling Event are calling this years one day event a success.

Two hundred and thirty-five people took advantage of the free drop off.

Everything from old television's to computers. Paper to metal ... even old bicycles were collected.

It was the fifth year for the event and many people who came to drop off items like that there is a service like this available.

"It's a very good idea to have this every year. People have TVs all over the place and there's no really place to take them so most of them end up on the side of the road out in the county somewhere or they just sit in somebody's garage and nobody knows what to do with the. This is a very good idea," Carl Morgan said. Morgan was able to drop off six televisions at the e-waste recycling station.

A local grant helped cover the costs of the event. One of the co-organizers said people start to make calls inquiring as to when the event will be held.

"Again this is the fifth year. People know what to expect and they're looking for it. They're really excited about being able to bring their stuff in," Aliza Golan said.

The recycling event also took in cardboard, paper, old bikes and even eyeglasses. A yearly event that coincides with the citywide cleanup. And an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste that will head to the landfill.