More than 100 kids participate in local triathlon

When you think of a triathlon, many people think of the Ironman triathlon that's held in Hawaii.

But on Saturday morning, it was the Hy-Vee Iron kids Triathlon held at Wavering and Moorman Park in Quincy.

Just after 8:00 a.m. it was go time for the senior division.

For the 12 to 15 year olds, it was 300 yards of swimming, eight miles of bike riding and a two mile run.

Trevor Durst from Canton Missouri was ready to go when the countdown began.

"Because it gets your energy going and it gives you something to do. And it's like you're not lazy," said Durst.

Alex Schlipman was the first one out of the water and onto his bike. His mother Heidi said Alex is on a local swim team and usually is on his bike or out jogging. So this morning, it was almost a normal day for the young racer.

"He's on the Sheridan Swim Team,, he's a senior at the Sheridan Swim Team. He does recreational bike rising and he runs out to Sheridan for swim practice or bikes out there for swim practice, so he works out a lot," said Schlipman.

More than a hundred volunteers helped with coordinating the race. Everything from monitoring the bike course to helping in the transition areas to making sure the racers had enough to drink. All to promote the race and make it a success.

"Helping people at a young age want to live a healthy lifestyle is what it's really all about. I think that will help control diabetes as they age and some of those things we run into as we age so starting at a young age is the key to living a healthy lifestyle, " said Quincy Hy-Vee #2 store director Mark Lammers.

This the first year for the triathlon in Quincy and Lammers said they're very happy with the number of young people who participated. This is one of 20 young kids traithlon's Hy- Vee is sponsoring this year

Qualifiers from the Quincy race will participate in the Hy-Vee Iron Kids U- S Championship in Des Moines Iowa next weekend.