More red light cameras in Hannibal

Consider yourself warned.

The city of Hannibal has a new intersection with cameras waiting to catch those who run red lights.

You'll recall, the city already has two intersections on Highway 61 with red light cameras.

This KHQA Safe Family report shows you which intersection is being watched and if there are anymore on the horizon.

If you drive through Hannibal, you know how busy Highway 61 can be. In an effort to cut down on accidents at several intersections of the Highway, the city has installed red light cameras. The newest one is here at the intersection of Highway 61 and Market Street.

Since the first two cameras went online a few years ago, crashes involving someone running a red light have gone down 83%. And that's not the only benefit to the cameras.

"By having the cameras out there, it allows us to hit the residential area and the lower traffic volume areas. It allows us to do more follow ups on burglaries, thefts, more patrolling because we're not using our resourves as much as we used to," says Police Chief Lyndell Davis.

Police Chief Lyndell Davis points out all the intersections have signage telling drivers that there is a red light camera up ahead. Davis also says there has not been an increase in rear end collisions from people who stomp on their breaks to avoid getting a ticket.

"We get a lot of complaints from truckers saying that would force me to slam on my breaks. Basically what they are saying is they are going to run the red light. You might think differently if you're in your car and that driver feels they shouldn't have to stop," says Davis.

Davis says that means those drivers are probably driving too fast, not paying attention, or are following too closely. Those are still traffic violations. Those laws are on the books to help keep you safe.

In the next couple of weeks, crews will begin installing red light cameras at the intersection of Highways 61 and MM.Chief Lyndell Davis says the cameras will take some time to install and test, but he expects them to be on line by the end of October.