More preperation for H1N1 virus

(Quincy, Ill.) More cases of the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, continue to pop around the country.

We decided to check in with a few more places to see how they are preparing.

KHQA's Jarod Wells talked with a local daycare to see what it's doing to prevent the H1N1 virus.

Caywood's Youth Center Owner Ron Caywood says they have been doing a lot of the same things as schools -- making sure people wash their hands and disinfecting around the day care.

But he feels a daycare may be more at risk for an outbreak.

"Being a daycare center we always have the factors of children passing on what they may have," said Caywood. "Colds or influenza, but its also the external factor of families and siblings coming in so we're always really looking at the capability of dis-infecting."

And it seems there isn't any concern at Sunset Home in Quincy.

We spoke with Administrator Christine Hopson about what the nursing home is doing.

She said there has not been any concern among residents or families because they feel the home responded in a proactive manner.

Staff has placed CDC "Cover your cough" signs near elevators as well as hand sanitizer dispensers, which Hopson says have gotten plenty of use.

Despite no concern from residents Hopson feels this situation can not be taken lightly.

"Well I think we have to be concerned because they're saying it's a pandemic episode or could be pandemic," said Hopson. "So I think we have to be proactive and not take it lightly all because it could make it into one of our facilities in the area."

Hopson said the home usually takes these precautions when flu season comes around.

Staff has also been making sure there are always enough masks and gloves in the building.