More parking for the Kroc Center

A blueprint of the streetscape project.

If you're a member at the

Kroc Center

you may notice that finding a parking spot can be tough.

"It would definitely help if there were more parking spaces," Mary Brown, and Kroc Center member said.

Brown is an avid swimmer at the Kroc Pool and has witnessed first hand how packed the facility's parking lot can get. But the

City Council

could make a decision to fix that problem.

"The streetscape project came about in the whole process of putting together what the Kroc Center was going to be and how it would be an impact on the community," Chad Rogers, Kroc Center operations director said. "So dollars were essentially provided by the state and through the city to provide additional beautification of the land around the Kroc Center and downtown area."

"The overall project cost is $1.2 million and so we've had to commit to the project the remaining balance," Chuck Bevelheimer, Quincy's director of planning and development said.

And that's what the city council needs to vote on. Under the proposed streetscape agreement the Illinois Department of Transportation will federal fund, almost $692,000 of the project while Quincy will provide the remaining balance of almost $589,000.

"It's more pedestrian oriented than what we traditionally have but it also adds a degree of security and beautification to the downtown," Bevelheimer said.

The project will cover sidewalk and streetlight work on Fourth, Fifth, Hampshire and Vermont streets. The parallel parking on the west side of Fifth street will be changed to perpendicular parking for Kroc Center visitors.

"Which will add about 15 to 18 new spots for our members and for the folks that obviously use the courthouse across the street," Rogers said.

Something members are excited about, too.

"Oh that would definitely be a benefit, yes," Brown said.

The City has applied for an assistance grant to help cover its portion of the streetscape costs. That award should be announced soon.

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