More learning through the sister cities of Quincy & Hereford


t was quite the experience for
students at Blessed Sacrament grade school this morning.

During their daily assembly, some


from Quincy's sister city


Hereford Germany


them a visit.

It's part of the exchange program between Quincy Notre Dame and Hereford High School.

For Blessed Sacrament students, it was a chance to learn and to ask questions.


It was really nice. It as nice to learn some new things about Germany. It would be really cool to go over and visit and to do a foreign exchange student kind of thing

," said Blessed Sacrament 8th grader Kaylee Klauser.

There are 14 students and their teachers visiting Quincy.

The German students are staying with host families and students from Q-N-D.

In turn, they get to experience an American way of life.

Everything from athletic events, to visiting historical sites and even trips to Springfield, St. Louis and Chicago as part of the two week program.


e really just hang out and they get to see what we do and we can see what they do and we do the same things. We hang out with friends. The friendship that we have is great. That's the best part of the exchange is the forming of friendships we get

," said QND student Paige Schreacke

And for our German visitors, it's a lot different seeing the U-S in person for the first time.


No it's really different because I didn't know the cars and the streets were so big and all this stuff it was really impressive

," said Hereford student Luisa Marschner.

Some of the German students say from what they've already experienced they want to come back for another visit.

And Blessed Sacrament students say they're ready to make a trip abroad and experience the German way of life for themselves.