More details in Wayland, Mo. fire, stabbing

New details have been released about a stabbing that took place at the scene of a Wayland, Mo. sawmill fire.

Caleb Goldie, 34, is charged with first-degree assault in the Jan. 9 incident at Goldie's Saw Mill on Rural Route H near Wayland.

He is charged with stabbing Terry Briggs, 64, who lives near the sawmill and came to watch the fire, according to a probable cause statement released by the Clark County Clerk of Court.

Goldie was covered in gray paint and was described by a firefighter as â??incoherentâ?? as volunteer firefighters found him hiding beneath a logging truck.

Briggs told the firefighters that Goldie was under the truck when they arrived. Goldie became combative with everyone as they tried to move him a safer distance away from the blaze.

Goldie tried to break free from the firefighters claiming there was someone still in the building. He yelled that he was â??going to kill him,â?? according to the probable cause statement.

The firefighter and Briggs continued to restrain Goldie but he became slippery because of the paint. Goldie pulled a knife from his belt and stabbed Briggs in the stomach.

Another firefighter said that Goldie kept repeating, â??Don't kill me. Don't stab me.â?? He claimed Briggs was there to kill him.

Clark County deputies later interviewed Briggs at his home. Briggs said that the only reason he went to the sawmill was to see what was on fire.

Goldie has a criminal history that includes robbery, meth and controlled substance charges.

Goldie was in court Thursday but his hearing was continued.