Moody's lowers WIU credit rating

Western Illinois University may find it more difficult to borrow money in the near future.

Moody's Investor Services recently changed the outlook of WIU's credit to a negative outlook.

The outlook was lowered due to the state of Illinois' funding for education dropping lower.

With this negative outlook, it may be difficult for WIU to borrow money to maintain stability.

WIU's credit rating remains an A2 and in tact due to the school properly managing finances.

"While we were pleased that we remained at an A2 rating, we are concerned because if we do have to borrow in the future for some infrastructure reasons or something that comes up, our students are going to have to pay more fees and tuition to cover those expenses," WIU Budget Director Matt Bierman said.

WIU is rated by two agencies.

Only Moody's has the school in a negative outlook.

The school is one of three institutions in the state to have their outlook lowered.