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      Monroe School donates to Super V

      When a friend is down, it's always a good thing to try and pick them up.

      That was one message heard Wednesday morning at Monroe School in Quincy.

      The student body adopted 2-year-old Victor Jarvis, who is undergoing treatment for liver cancer.

      Victor's grandpa Dan Bartlet is a bus driver who's route covers Monroe School.

      Last Friday, students were able to show up in their pajamas if they paid at at least a dollar that would go toward Victor's medical and travel expenses.

      Students donated more than $878.00 to the fund.

      "This is absolutely overwhelming. It's indescribable ... that's why I'm struggling for words. How the community has come together and they do this when a little one suffers such an unfair thing as cancer, it's amazing how the community comes together," Bartlet said.

      You can learn more about Victor's journey by following his fan page on Facebook.

      If you'd like to donate to the Super V Medical Benefit Fund, you can send a check to:

      Victor-y Benefit AccountP.O. Box 3032Quincy, IL 62305