Monroe City School District proposes proposition to upgrades its facilities

Monroe City School District proposes proposition to upgrades its facilities.

The Monroe City School District has created a new proposition to raise funds to make much needed improvements.

It's a $4 million dollar no-tax bond that would help fund a series of improvements to the districts facilities.

The Monroe City School District is on a mission.

"What we want to do in education is provide for our students the best possible education and the best possible opportunities," Ryan Watson, Monroe City High School Principal, said.

All three schools in the Monroe City School District need major improvements, but the district has no money to pay for it.

"You can't bring in a thousand people, two or three hundred days a year, and not have building upkeep," Masters said.

But after two years of deliberation, the district came up with a proposal to fund the development of several upgrades to those three schools.

"Proposition 2 is a proposal, by the Board of Education, to issue four million dollars in bonds without a tax increase in order to finance security improvements, technology upgrades and the construction of an athletic facility," Masters said.

As part of the security improvements, the district would place a buzz-in security system in all three of its academic buildings.

"I'm not in favor of having a buzz- in systems, but the realities of today require that you consider them and put in place those measures,' Masters said.

District Superintendent Jim Masters helped develop Proposition 2.

"We invited over 60 community members to come in, tour the facilities, see what they identified as needs, Masters said. "Once we completed that, we asked them to help us priorities what are the most important pieces here."

One of the improvements the community members suggested was the construction of a new athletic facility.

Masters and the school board decided an all-weather track and football field should be built.

"But it's much more than an athletic facility," Watson said. "It's going to provide an opportunity for our physical education classes, for our marching band."

If Proposition 2 passes, the upgrades would be completed quickly.

"Almost immediately, we would anticipate that all of the upgrades, changes, construction projects would be completed by the fall of 2014," Masters said.

Proposition 2 will go up for a vote on Tuesday.

Superintendent Jim Masters said he TMs confident it will pass.