Monroe City family mourns daughterâ??s death

Bridget Kendrick passed away at 8-years-old

A Monroe City family is mourning the death of one of their children as a result of medical complications last Sunday.

Jackie Miller held back tears as she described the painful loss of her niece, 8-year-old Bridget Kendrick.

"She always wanted to be a dancer. She would dance around at home; listen to music as loud as her mom would let her,â?? Miller said.

Bridget suffered from neurofibromatosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Bridget's condition required her to receive multiple surgeries. She had her third heart surgery at the Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis.

"The last heart surgery was on the 12th of August and then she was in ICU for right out a week,â?? Miller said.

The surgery was a success but while in the hospital, on August 22, she started having some breathing issues.

She was taken back into ICU for treatment.

"She built up fluid on her lungs due to treatments trying to help the gallbladder and her blood pressure,â?? Miller said.

Medical experts confirmed on Sunday that Bridget no longer had brain activity. She was taken off of life support and passed away on Sunday.

Her death has devastated her parents, Sarah and Brian Kendrick, along with her two brothers.

The Kendrick's neighbor, Amanda Hays, set up a fund to help pay the family's medical bills.

"The money I'm raising, if it helps just a tiny bit, that's what it's intended for. It's to ease the burden that the family has right now,â?? Hays said.

Bridget's brother, Logan, also suffers from neurofibromatosis and will need to return to the hospital soon.

"Her mom and dad are trying to be strong. They have to take him back in two weeks to the same PICU where she passed,â?? Miller said.

Miller said family and friends will never get over the loss.

"She could make anybody smile, no matter what kind of day you were having,â?? Miller said.

You can donate to the family online by clicking here.