Monday night meeting planned for Hannibal sidewalk project

After about three months back at the drawing board, the City of Hannibal is ready to show Main Street merchants another set of plans to redo the area's sidewalks.

The first design plan met with some stiff opposition.

Mike O'Cheltree, who operates the Native American Trading Company on North Main Street also hopes the second time around is better then the first.

"I think the merchants are hoping the new design will let the sidewalks be all one height and also the curbs will be lower," O'Cheltree said.

The project got started last fall and for the first block, everyone liked what they saw.

But when the project moved to the second block, the project came to a grinding halt. The public outcry caused city officials to step back and send the plans back for another design. Now all sides will take another look. And Hannibal City Engineer Mark Rees already is looking ahead to another part of the project he thinks will benefit the downtown area as well.

"The other thing that maybe everyone doesn't know, but I'm anxious to have happen is, once the sidewalks are in to Broadway, we're going to mill and overlay literally the entire downtown form North Street all the way down to Warren Barrett, including the side streets," Rees said.

Rees added that he would like for construction to start later this month and he hopes the weather is good enough for it to be wrapped up by the Fourth of July.

Anyone interested in seeing the new sidewalk plans is welcome to attend a meeting Monday night at 5 p.m. in the Hannibal City Council chambers.