MoDOT wants drivers to remember to move over

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will be spending the rest of spring making some updated changes around Missouri.

Workers say striping is an important task because it makes the roads visible.

"Especially when its raining or dark at night, if you don't have a good stripe on it, its hard to see," Kirk Youngblood, Maintenance Supervisor for MoDOT, Hannibal, said.

For the next two months you'll see striping crews out on major and minor roads around Missouri.

When you see them, move over and slow down, because it keeps you and everyone else on the road safe.

"We have our employees out on the road, its just a good idea to move over and slow down for us," Joe Collins, Striping Crew, Hannibal, said

The "Move Over" law was amended almost a year ago to include MoDOT workers.

This inclusion keeps thousands of transportation workers safe while they are making the roads safe for you.

In addition to the law, crews have multiple vehicles near each other to serve as a barricade.

"The striping train is usually about a half a mile long, that's with all the vehicles in the train so once you go past that first truck, it's always nice to stay in the other lane until you get all the way past that lead truck or the striper," Youngblood said.

You should also stay in the other lane because the crews are trying to stay within the lines.

"On the striping train, we are only running about an eight mile an hour while we are putting down the stripes so we are a slow moving operation," Youngblood said.

And it also allows time for the paint to dry.

MoDOT will be striping the roads until Memorial Day.