MoDOT set to auction off surplus equipment

It was just over a year ago, the Missouri Department of Transportation announced their Bolder Five-Year Direction plan.

Under the reorganization, several maintenance facilities were closed, district offices merged and that meant hundreds of items were no longer needed.

So that's why the Northeast District office for MoDOT is having an auction at their office on U.S. 61 in Hannibal on Saturday.

Right now it's pretty much just a parking lot with used equipment, but come Saturday, hundreds of people are expected to be on hand to find a bargain on all kinds of things that the Missouri Department of Transportation has decided that they no longer have a use for.

"You're going to see a lot of refrigerators, shop equipment, air compressors, stuff like that and hand tools. Just those things you would typically think a maintenance building having. We tried to take the best we had and this is kind of what's left over," Steve Pike, MoDOT Support Services Manager, said.

There is really something for everyone. Surplus road stripping, file cabinets, desks, chairs, drill presses, lawn mowers. There's even a shovel with a 10 foot handle. But you better get there on time because there's two auction rings that will be running at the same time.

And what is going to happen to all the money raised from the auction?

"We're going to put it back onto the roads and bridges here in the Northeast District. Any of the money that's gained from the auction stays right here in the area," Pike said.

Pike said the majority of the items are smaller and that the big ticket items like backhoes and old trucks are still sold through an online auction. This is just one of several MoDOT auctions that will be held around the state in the coming weeks.

Pike added that he thinks there's close to 400 items that will be up for bid during the auction.

It's set to begin at 9 a.m.