MoDOT readying for more wintry weather

With a chance of snowstorms hitting the Tri-States this weekend its important that our roads safe and cleared.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is busy making preparations to ensure that you have safe travels this holiday season.

KHQA's Derek Frank took a trip to MoDOT headquarters to find out the process behind making sure our roads are safe.

"We got to take our time, too, just like everybody else, like I said you just got to be cautious this time of year," Adam Thompson with MoDOT said.

Workers at MoDOT are working hard to make sure that road will be cleared so you can make it to your destination.

Drivers have been preparing for the snow by looking over trucks, checking plows and hand mixing salts.

Jamie Gottmen, with MoDOT maintenance, says the biggest challenge is making sure equipment is ready.

"Right now we're mainly going over our equipment and checking the trucks and spreaders out. Changing blades on the plows if they need it," Gottmen said.

With roads possibly being covered over the weekend, MoDOT encourages drivers to exercise caution when getting on and off the highways.

But snow free roads don't always mean they're safe for your drive. Freezing temperatures can turn leftover water into black ice that can make traveling deadly.

"We're receiving precipitation like ice from snow if you start seeing your mirrors start freezing or ice building up on your window good chance the roads will probably all start to get slick so just slow down," Gottmen said.

MoDOT wants to remind drivers that maintaining a safe distance between you and the driver in front of you and keeping your foot on the brake can save lives.

"Take your time - conditions can change in a hurry from one patch of road to the next it may all look the same but one spot might be slick while the other might be safe," Gottmen said.