MoDOT pepares for summer season

The summer season is one of the busiest times of the year for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Crews will be hitting the pavement soon to keep the areas around the highways clear.

Before they hit the road, they have to do some maintainance work.

Jody Geisendorfer, a MoDOT Maintainance Supervisor in Palmyra, and her crew are inspecting their mowers before the summer season starts in less than a week.

Inspections are important especially if you are covering more than twenty acres a day.

"Well, it usually is around 20 to 25 per mower per day depending on the terrain, sometimes, you get more than that, sometimes you get less, depending on if the terrain is favorable or if it's a little rough or whatever as a general rule 20 to 25 per mower," Geisendorfer said.

Only a few feet will seperate Geisendorfer and other MoDOT workers around Missouri from cars and they whiz by going to and from their destinations.

MoDOT workers have to think about more than just their jobs.

"You know there is a lot to pay attention to, operating a mower," Heath Otte, MoDOT Maintainance Supervisor in Palmyra, said.

They also have to think about distracted drivers.

MoDOT wants drivers to keep a few things in mind as they head into the summer season.

"Basically, really just pay attention, that's the main thing, pay attention, watch your speed, watch your surroundings, watch for anything that may happen," Geisendorfer said.

MoDOT crews rely on drivers to help keep them safe.

"Safety is very important to us here, we not only want to keep our workers safe, we also want to keep the traveling public safe, that's our job out there, to make it so everybody can get safely to and from work," Geisendorfer said.

MoDOT crews will begin their summer season Monday, May 12, 2014.