MoDOT launches Pothole Patrol

The Missouri Department of Transportation is launching â??Pothole Patrolâ??, a month long initiative to fix all the potholes in the state.

Robert Deters and his crew are a few of the workers responsible for nearly 550 miles of road in Lewis County, Missouri.

"Probably 300 to 400 a day if needed," Robert Deters, Maintenance Supervisor of Lewis County MoDOT, said.

Especially in areas you might not think they are so common.

"The minor routes are a little less traveled, a little less maintained they are going to probably be the worst," Deters said.

MoDOT is asking all residents to report the holes as soon as possible for everyone's safety. Deters says spring time is the worst time of year for potholes.

And a local tire shop agrees.

"After the good melt down and people are hitting the holes seems to be they notice they hit the pothole and they want an alignment inspection," Travis Cobb, Service Manager of Quincy Tire Pros said.

Missouri residents can report the potholes in a variety of ways.

"Twitter and Facebook accounts were they can contact us and give us the information and if they get on them the more information they can give us the easier it is for us to get out and get them fixed," Deters said.

Deters says most potholes will be fixed shortly after a complaint is received, unless severe weather slows them down.

He says it's all about keeping people safe.

If you would like to report a pothole, try one of the links below.

Use the Report a Road Concern Form on the web at

Use a smart phone/tablet with a mobile friendly form at

Call 1-888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636).


Post a comment on Facebook at

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Sent a tweet on Twitter at

, just tag @MoDOT_Northeast.