MoDOT holding public meeting for Champ Clark Bridge revamp

UPDATE: October 2 at 8:50 a.m.

The site for a new bridge at Louisiana could be chosen by July 2015.

Yesterday at a public meeting people got a look at three site options for a new Champ Clark Bridge.

Two of the routes go north of the bridge and one runs south.

The 85-year-old bridge prompted safety concerns after a deadly 2011 accident that led to a federal lawsuit.

Once a new bridge route is chosen it needs to be approved by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

Construction on the new bridge could begin in 2017, but that won't happen unless funding is found.


ORIGINAL STORY: September 30 at 8:58 a.m.

Options to replace the Champ Clark Bridge in Louisiana will be unveiled Tuesday.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is holding a public meeting to announce potential plans to renew the bridge.

"Yes, as far as our major bridges in Missouri, this is one of the highest priorities we have," Brian Haeffner said. Haeffner is an area engineer with MODOT.

Two of the routes for a new bridge go north of the existing structure and one is south of it.

There are also four options for changing the intersection of Highway 54 and Highway 79.

The red line in the diagram represents the

Adjacent Upstream Alternative

. This new two-lane bridge would be constructed 50 feet north of the existing bridge. It would cross to the downstream side of the roadway to avoid impact to the marina and U.S. Corps of Engineers river access. This option minimizes impacts to businesses according to MoDOT documentation.

The yellow line in the diagram represents the

Adjacent Upstream With Improved Alignment Alternative

. This new two-lane bridge generally north of the existing bridge flattens the curves on both ends.This option removes homes and businesses according to the MoDOT documentation and has more environmental impacts than the Red and Green alternatives.

The green line in the diagram represents the

Adjacent Downstream Alternative

. The new two-lane bridge would be approximately 50 feet south of the existing bridge. This option, according to MoDOT documents, minimizes impacts to businesses.

The blue line in the diagram represents the

Skewed Downstream Alternative

. This new two-lane bridge would be adjacent to the existing bridge on the west that deflects away from the existing bridge to the east. This is the shortest new bridge length according to MoDOT documents, but it has the most environmental impacts and new right of way.

You can view all of the bridge options by

clicking here


"We start looking at a range of alternatives and then do a kind of a big level overview to see what kind of impact those different alternatives might have. And then we can determine which ones are not feasible to car forward because it might have more impacts then the others," Haeffner said.

Click here

for the pros and cons of all the alternatives considered.

Construction could begin as early as 2015 if funding becomes available.

The meeting starts Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. and may last until 6 p.m. at the

Twin Pike County Family YMCA

in Louisiana.

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