MoDOT following procedure

MoDOT will be staffed 24-hours / KHQA file photo

KHQA's Melissa Shriver and Jayne Pieper have gone to Hannibal, Mo. to talk to MoDOT at their headquarters.

The crazy weather has caused MoDOT to rally Tuesday Morning.

MoDOT employees are at headquarters plotting where equipment is and where it needs to be.

Also at MoDOT headquarters, the customer service area is taking concerns from the public. They are staffed 24-hours a day.

They have plans to use a powerful grader with V-Plow on it in any heavy duty snow that comes our way. They haven't used this piece of equipment in several years.

Melissa Shriver was also able to speak with John Hark the Emergency Management Director for Hannibal and Marion Counties.

Hark is urging folks to stay inside and stay off the roads. Be aware of emergency responders.