MoDOT crews get ready for winter

If you are driving through Missouri on Wednesday be on the lookout for more yellow MoDOT trucks than usual.

MoDOT is getting ready for winter by performing a

simulation drill across the state


Trucks will be running routes, checking out intersections and getting acquainted with some areas new crews are not familiar with.

MoDOT wants everyone to know that this is just a drill.

"You know we're doing a drill today to be sure we're ready when the storm comes and most people probably don't realize that in the summertime is when we actually start thinking about winter weather and winter operation, " said MODOT District Three Assistant Engineer Kevin James said.

The agency will be using Twitter to post updates throughout the day.

As crews went through their drill, MO-DOT says they are responsible for about 5,500 miles or highways and crews work out of 20 maintenance sheds in the 17 county area.