Mobile food pantry stops by Quincy

Mobile food pantry stops by Quincy, Illinois

A rolling food pantry stopped near 6th and Jersey Street in Quincy Saturday.

It helped fill the shelves and refrigerators of local families with healthy foods.

"I love fresh fruit, so I came out here to get some of that stuff, Johnston said.

Mary Johnston is a mother of four.

It's a challenge for Johnston to provide her kids with fresh produce on a regular basis.

"So sometimes you can't afford everything. So it kind of helps, too. Because in the store, fresh fruits are very expensive," Johnston said.

When she found out a mobile food pantry was coming to Quincy, she checked into it.

"It gives us an opportunity to actually come out and see what the community is coming together and doing," Johnston said.

Johnston joined around 300 people who waited in line.

"They don't have the money to pay for groceries for the month and they need that money for their gas or their rent," Sue Fansler, a volunteer said. "This way, this helps that crutch that they have for the month."

Volunteers distributed the food and even delivered it to the people's cars.

"I'm thankful that we can help them," Fansler said.

The Central Illinois Food Bank in partnership with the Madonna House supplied the food.

Multiple groups donated the space, shopping carts, and funds.

Volunteers gave away 12,000 pounds of food.

"They're getting potatoes, watermelon, milk, juice, pineapple, Dedert said. They TMre getting some bread and pastries."

Joanne Dedert is the executive director of the Madonna House, one of this pantry's partners.

She believes the large line reflects an ongoing social economic problem.

"We're finding that the food lines are coming in with what I call the "working poor." The folks who have decided to come to us to get their food products," Dedert said.

Johnston hopes the community will provide more pantries like this one in the future.

"Most definitely! Yes," Johnston said.

It cost $1,100 to put together Saturday TMs food pantry.