Mo. senator wants you to tell your child's school about your guns

Missouri Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-St. Louis) has called for a " common-sense response to the surge in gun violence ."

She's asking Missouri lawmakers to adopt Senate Bill 124 .

The bill would create an offense of failing to prevent illegal firearm possession, for negligent storage of a firearm and requires a parent or guardian enrolling a child in school to notify the school district or the governing body of a private or charter school that the parent or guardian owns a firearm.

The topic of gun control re-entered the public debate following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting two weeks before Christmas. President Barack Obama made gun control laws a priority in his second-term in office.

In response, Republican Sen. Brian Munslinger filed Senate Bill 150 and if passed, would make any new federal laws restricting guns and accessories unenforceable.

Unfazed by SB150, Sen. Chappelle-Nadal hopes to raise awareness of the need to keep guns locked up and protect children.

Responsible gun owners have nothing to fear from my legislation, and nobody, at least nobody in Missouri, is talking about taking anyone TMs guns away, she said. I simply want to make sure that children do not have easy access to guns, especially children in urban settings. I TMm not talking about farm kids who learn to hunt with a rifle or a shotgun; I TMm talking about gang members turning our cities into war zones or disturbed teenagers who think the only way to settle differences is to take a gun to school."

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