Mo. lawmakers seek answers in gun crosshair sticker incident

Authorities are searching for a person who placed gun-target stickers in the shape of crosshairs Tuesday outside the Capitol offices of several Missouri legislators.

The stickers were found Tuesday afternoon near the doorways of at least five democratic state senators and at least one republican House member. The stickers are orange and show the â??crosshairâ?? common in gun targets.

Police at the State Capitol have launched an investigation to figure out who put the stickers in place outside the lawmaker's offices.

Right now, officials arenâ??t sure whether the stickers were a prank or a threat. Regardless, officers and lawmakers are taking them seriously.

Democratic State Senator Jolie Justus, of Kansas City, said she found one outside her office door Tuesday. It was removed, but someone later replaced it with a larger sticker.

The lawmakers who found the stickers are vowing to seek punishment for the act.

The stickers were found as senators debated a bill related to President Barack Obamaâ??s health care law. Democratic senators have opposed the republican-backed bill, which would require legislative or voter approval before the state could take steps to implement a health-insurance exchange.

The spokesperson for Capitol Police, Mike O'Connell, said the department is not releasing any further details at this time.
O'Connell said the officers take security at the Capitol very seriously, but wouldn't comment on the investigation.

(The Associated Press and KRCG reporter Dori Olmos in Jefferson City, Mo. contributed to this article.)