MO closer to banning texting while driving

Missouri lawmakers are getting closer to banning texting while driving for all drivers.

Currently, only drivers 21-years-old and younger are prohibited from sending cell phone text messages while driving.

Earlier this week a Missouri Senate committee approved legislation that bars all drivers from texting while driving.

"We would like to see it changed to apply universally to all ages as opposed to one age group, because no matter what your age, texting while driving is going to take away your attention during driving and make it dangerous for everybody," said Hannibal Police Department Lieutenant John Zerbonia. "It'll make it a lot easier if you see someone texting while driving if you don't have to worry about the age. As it is now with the age being 21 and below, it's hard to tell if someone is 21, 22, 23 or 19. So it would make it a lot easier to enforce the law."

Lieutenant John Zerbonia of the Hanninal Police Department says this offense is still difficult to enforce.

He says in the case of an accident, police usually write a ticket for the most obvious offenses like running a red light or reckless operation rather than texting while driving.

He says it almost needs to be a blatant offense or an admission of guilt to prove it.

This legislation now moves on to a house committee for approval.