Missouri sheriffs teaming up to fight new gun control laws

As the gun control debate heats up, a group of Missouri Sheriffs say they won't enforce any new gun control proposals they see as violating the Second Amendment.

The Johnson County Sheriff is asking fellow law enforcers to sign and send a letter to the president expressing concern that the proposed gun control laws go against the constitution.

According to our sister station KRCG, one of the sheriff's joining the ranks is the newly elected Sheriff from Osage County. Click here to read the full story.

On the day of President Barack Obama's inauguration, Sheriff Michael Dixon said in a news release that he wants the president to "stop his attempts to block the purchase, possession and use of firearms for law abiding Americans."

"On the same day the President is taking his oath to uphold the Constitution, he continues to attack our 2nd Amendment rights," Dixon said. "As Osage County Sheriff, I also took an Oath to the Constitution; but unlike Obama, I intend to uphold mine. President Obama should quit his attempts to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and instead focus on stopping the criminals that will get them no matter what. It is imperative we strengthen the penalty for criminals who use weapons in the commission of a crime or to cause bodily harm."

Dixon also confirmed his support of Missouri House Bill 170, which would make it illegal to enforce new federal gun control laws on gun owners and manufacturers.

State Senator Brian Munzlinger from Lewis County filed Senate Bill 150, which would make any new federal laws restricting semiautomatic guns and accessories unenforceable. Click here to read that bill.

The measure would also make it a crime for federal agents to try to enforce a ban on guns that are made and remain in Missouri.

"My proposed legislation seeks to keep far-reaching regulations from violating the constitutional rights of all Missourians. Today's extreme grab of power was created under executive order and not heard publicly. We cannot let the total disregard for our constitutional rights continue," Sen. Munzlinger said. "Today the president used his power of Executive Order to erode the rights of everyone guaranteed under the Second Amendment, rather than do the hard work of passing legislation through the Congress, elected by each of you."

This idea is spreading to many other states. Click here to read about sheriffs teaming up against further gun control in Texas and Colorado.