Missouri schools focus on student attendance

The Hannibal School District along with every other public school district in the state of Missouri are gearing up for the next round of reviews under the Missouri School Improvement Program.

It's part of the the annual academic review of school districts because the State of Missouri was given a waiver under the No Child Left Behind Act.

The report looks at several areas of the district that includes academic performance, college and career readiness, attendance and persistent to graduation.

This is the fifth cycle of the reviews and this year the state is focusing on student attendance.

"For example, in Hannibal, we've always had over 94 percent attendance. Whereas if you look at it under this new rate, it could be around 85 percent. So again you have to look at your students a little differently and do those strategies you need to do to get them to school and get that attendance rate up," Hannibal School Superintendent Jil Janes said.

Under the Missouri School Improvement Program, all high school students will take a standardized achievement test to measure academic progress.

The test is similar to taking either the ACT or the SAT.