Missouri Right to Life event provides needed goods to families

Missouri Right to Life event provides needed goods to families

A pro-life organization in Missouri is holding one of its biggest events at Hannibal-LaGrange University.

The annual Yard Sale is a fundraiser that finances the organization's ability to lobby legislators, but also helps families.

For more than ten years, Tina Boltinghouse has advocated for the rights of unborn babies.

"When I was a young girl, we, I had a miscarriage, my first child. And so I couldn't imagine anybody wanting to give away, wanting to get rid of a baby," Boltinghouse said.

In order to stand up for those who had no voice, Boltinghouse joined a grass-roots organization.

"Missouri Right to Life's goal is to protect woman and children, unborn babies as well as the elderly. And make sure that everyone has the right to life," Boltinghouse said.

Every year, she coordinates an event that provides furniture, books and clothes to families with little or no money.

"It actually started in a backyard of our first president's home 34 years ago. And it has grown to what you see here," Boltinghouse said.

And many people come to this sale.

"This place is packed with people lined up at the door as soon as it opens, Hannibal-LaGrange University athletic staff member Shayla Cox said. To see people not only supporting this foundation but also supporting the university by coming to it. And supporting the young moms in the area by buying all of this stuff."

Boltinghouse said many people rely on the sale to clothe their kids and grandkids.

One lady that has been buying for her kids and grandkid, and that's how she, that's how she clothes them for the year is with the stuff she picks up at these sales, Boltinghouse said. We had people who came through today, and it's, you know, I've only got X amount of dollars. That's fine. You know I don't have a problem with that because these, they're here to buy stuff that they need."

The Yard Sale will continue on Friday and Saturday. Any items left over after the sale will be donated to the Salvation Army.