Missouri governor vetoes, freezes $1B of spending

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is announcing spending restrictions and line-item vetoes to the state budget.

Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed or frozen more than $1.1 billion of spending in Missouri's next budget, citing concerns about declining state revenues and the potential for new tax breaks.

Nixon's budget cuts announced Tuesday include nearly $275 million of line-item vetoes and $846 million of spending restrictions affecting everything from public schools and universities to the Medicaid health care program.

The Democratic governor said his actions were necessary because the budget passed by the Republican-led Legislature was "dangerously out of balance."

The budget is to take effect July 1.

Nixon's actions mean there will be no funding increase for education when the new school year begins. But Nixon said he could release the additional school money if legislators in September sustain his vetoes of bills granting various tax breaks.