Missouri FOP emergency trailer deployed to Ferguson

Two weeks of unrest in Ferguson has created challenging times for Missouri law enforcement.

A state-wide organization has stepped up to provide some basic needs for officers, troopers and other authorities.

The Missouri State Fraternal Order of Police bought this emergency trailer two years ago.

Missouri's FOP got the idea from the Oklahoma FOP, which has a lot of experience responding to natural disasters.

"This all originated after the Joplin tornado," Missouri FOP member Mike Dunn said. "Everybody was down there, and they saw that the Oklahoma FOP was serving hot meals to the guys about 24/7. /Anytime someone could come up and get a hot meal. After we saw that, we thought this is a great idea."

The trailer has only been deployed twice -- once to Moore, Oklahoma for tornado response and the second in Ferguson where law enforcement vehicles fill up an entire shopping mall parking lot.

The Missouri F-O-P has about 5600 members throughout the state, including all of the employees at the Ralls County Sheriff's Office.

They collected supplies from the Ralls County community and delivered them Saturday night.

"That concept of when you're at a disaster scene or incident such as this, to take care of your fellow officers by having that safe place to go, that warm meal, cold drink, a place to relax is a phenomenal idea," Ralls County FOP president Richard Adair said.

The trailer has beds, a shower and kitchen area where law enforcement can go to let down their guard.

FOP members from throughout the state have responded to this time of need through donations and volunteering to cook and staff the trailer during their free time off from work.

"By the grace of God, this could've happened anywhere in the State of Missouri," Adair said. "This could've happened anywhere in the country. As a law enforcement, we know that. We don't know what's going to happen on each call that we go to.//We're here to support our fellow officers."

The food not used by members of the Fraternal Order of Police during the crisis in Ferguson will be donated to food pantries in that area.