Missouri deaths rise without seat belts

According to a missouri state highway patrol report, ten people in missouri died in a car accident over the past weekend.

Nine of those people were not wearing seat belts.

In 2007 when a driver in Missouri was not wearing a seat belt at the time of an accident they had a 1 in 32 chance of being killed.

In cases where a driver was wearing a seat belt their chance of being killed was 1 in 1,294.

Missouri Highway Patrol estimates it only takes about 3 seconds to buckle your seatbelt.

KHQA talked to Corporal Roland Bartels of the Missouri State Highway Patrol about why people are not wearing seatbelts even after 10 people died in car accidents in just a matter of days.

"Typically its just attention and hastiness in my opinion," said Bartels. "People are just in a hurry to get from point a to point b and just aren't taking all the precautions they need to be taking."

Bartels told KHQA numerous times that seat belts save lives.

He said in his 12 years at this job, he has never seen a seat belt kill someone.

In the state of Missouri it is an infraction to not wear a seat belt.

There is a ten-dollar fine for not obeying the law