Missouri bill bans bath salts

Bath Salts / Courtesy: CBS St. Louis

The synthetic marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs marketed as bath salts could be outlawed in Missouri.

The Missouri House gave the final approval Tuesday in a 143-13 vote. The measure is now sent to Governor Jay Nixon.

Bath salts are a synthetic form of cocaine that causes users to become violent toward themselves and others.

The legislation also outlaws K3, a synthetic form of marijuana. Missouri has banned a different type of synthetic marijuana known as K2.

Under this year's bill, possession of synthetic marijuana would carry the same penalty as marijuana possession.

Missouri Rep. Lindell Shumake says, "The previous bill that the house passed before I was here, kind of left a loop hole open. So, this is to close that loophole."

You may remember Sunday, May 8 a Curryville man died after being struck by a car ... the twist, he was in possession of an open packet of a bath salt product. His sister had spoken with a local police officer prior to the accident about her brother behaving oddly.

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