Mission Improvement: Steve, Frieda, and Heather Brown

Steve Brown and his daughter Heather stand in front of Steve's yard in Payson

Steve and Frieda Brown have built a life based on generosity.

Steve is a lifelong military man who was on active duty in the U.S. Army during Desert Storm, spent a month helping in the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina, and even spent a year away from his family serving in Iraq - at age 59.

If you ask him about his war medals, he'll politely brush the question aside, because he'll tell you it's not about him.

Frieda has worked at Quincy University for almost 40 years. She's the kind of person who didn't even tell her family about the achievement award she recently received from the university, because humility is her trademark.

Their daughter Heather entered KHQA's Mission: Improvement on behalf of her parents.

"My parents are the best parents you can ask for - very unselfish, very giving people. They never ask for anything from anyone but they give everything to everyone," Heather said.
"From the get-go, it's always been about their kids and their grandkids, and it needs to be about them. It really does."

Heather wants to help provide her parents with a place all their own to enjoy.

Their makeover would maybe include a gazebo or a sunroom to overlook the pool, where grandma and grandpa can keep an eye on the grandkids.

There are a lot of options for improving this backyard, but one certainty should the Browns win.

"A flagpole because he has dedicated so much of his life to this country. It would be great, I know he'd very much appreciate it and he would raise it and lower it," Heather said.

The biggest reward of the makeover, however, would be next May, when Heather and her fiancee Rocky tie the knot in the backyard.

"I want it to really be special for my daughter, when she's out there it's something she can say she got married in mom and dad's backyard," Steve said.

Because having that moment would bring together the two things that matter most to Steve and Frieda Brown: their family and their home.

"The places I've been and all of the other things you find out that's one of the most important things you can have," Steve added.

Mission: Improvement voting runs from Wed., May 14 through Thurs. May 22 online here. Bergman Nurseries is celebrating its 75th anniversary by giving an outdoor space makeover for one of the five finalists, so make sure you cast your vote.