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      Mission: Improvement brings new beginnings

      Between new windows, front steps, landscaping and a play set, the entire project will take just a few days to be completed.

      The waiting period is over for Kate Hunt as renovations are underway at her home in Canton.

      After winning KHQA and Bergman Nurseries' Mission: Improvement giveaway just a few months ago, Hunt is eager to start her new life in the completed house.

      For a family who suffered such tragedy after suddenly losing a husband and father, this renovation gives them hope to start a new beginning.

      Only four months after moving in, Kate's husband Jason died of a heart attack while cleaning the yard for a party and Kate was left to raise their four children, 4-year-old Nora, 8-year-old Abe, 9-year-old Oscar and 2-year-old Atticus.

      The home repair dream she and her husband had together was put on hold, but with the help of Bergman Nurseries, that dream became a reality.

      "For supporting us for 75 years we just wanted to give thanks and a chance to give something back to someone in the community," Todd Friye, President of Bergman Nurseries, said.

      Between new windows, front steps, landscaping and a play set, the entire project will take just a few days to be completed.

      With a little TLC, the house will be fairly easy for Hunt to maintain.

      Although her story touched the community deeply, Hunt believes that Mission: Improvement is her silver lining.

      "It's this beautiful, um, silver lining that it just continually keeps happening and I'm super duper grateful for it, I don't, I don't honestly know how, I mean considering what we've been through, yeah it's not been fun and it's not been great and it's been really really hard, but we, we keep having these silver linings and for us it's really what's getting us by," Hunt said.

      The renovations outside will turn what was once a safety hazard for Hunt's four children, into a worry-free playground.

      The children are excited to have a new backyard, and can't wait to play in the tree house. They are even making future plans for when the games will begin.

      "So definitely on my birthday because it's almost my birthday," Hunt's daughter Nora said.

      While the renovations continue to take place, Hunt and her kids could not be happier.

      The family looks forward to enjoying the rest of their summer outside in their new backyard.

      Story by KHQA Multimedia Journalist Lauren Kalil.