Missing Hannibal woman's mother speaks out

Photo Credit: Contributed photo

More rumors keep flying around about the missing Hannibal woman, 21 year old Christina Whittaker.

KHQA spoke to her mother, Cindy Young Thursday afternoon.

Young was in the Pekin area hanging up fliers.

You'll remember there were reports this week Whittaker may have been spotted in the Peoria area over the weekend.

Young tells KHQA she's heard so many rumors including Christina had been abducted by two men in Hannibal.

She's also heard of a hit and run accident where her cell phone was found.

Even last night, someone called to tell her they found Christina's body.

Thankfully, that turned out not to be true.

Young says she doesn't care if Christina was abducted or if she ran away, she just wants her home.

"She had plans Sunday to go to a cousin's birthday party. She never missed a holiday. In 21 years, this is the first holiday she's ever missed with her family. She missed her baby's first Thanksgiving. She's very close to her baby. She usually calls me ten times a day. I haven't heard her voice in 20 days now, and it's hard," says Young.

Young again asked if anyone has any information to call the Hannibal Police Department.

A reward is being offered.