Missing Louisiana, Missouri girl found in Fenton, Missouri

Alisa found at car wash in Fenton Missouri late Tuesday night.

UPDATE: July 7 at 6:25 p.m.

The suspect in the Alisya Maier case has taken his own life after a confrontation with police in Lincoln County.


The search is over.

People in Louisiana Missouri and across the Tri-States woke up to some very good news Wednesday morning.The FBI out of St. Louis confirmed to KHQA Wednesday morning that 4 year old Alisa Maier has been found.The little girl was found late Tuesday night in Fenton Missouri. She had been missing for almost 26 hours.The FBI reports that the St. Louis County Police got a report around 9.45 Tuesday night about a little boy wandering around the parking lot of a car wash at a strip mall in Fenton. The boy turned out to be 4 year old Alisa. Employees of the carwash spotted the little girl when they heard a loud muffler sound. They contacted who police who determined that the child was Alisa. She was taken to the St. Clair Health Center by police. Later reunited with her parents briefly before returning to the hospital.Authorities are still looking for her abductor. The vehicle is described as a black or dark brown 4 door vehicle ( possibly a Ford Escort). The people at the car wash told police that the wheels on the driver's side were missing wheel covers. The St. Louis County Police are taking over the investigation of the abduction.

If you do have any information you can contact them at (314) 889-2341

The search continues: June 6, 2010

Louisiana police say 4-year-old Alisa Maier was playing in her front yard with her brother when a black 4-door passenger car pulled up and took her from the yard. She was last seen around 8 p.m. Monday July 5, playing in her front yard with her six-year-old brother, when a man in a black car pulled up to the house. He drove off with Maier in the vehicle, leaving only her brother as the witness. Her parents were inside the house at the time of the abduction. Since then, authorities created a city-wide search, with more than 100 volunteers from across the state.

The Louisiana police chief along with a member from the FBI held two press conferences at 8 a.m. and noon Tuesday with the latest on the search. Local and federal authorities urged the public to come forward with any information that may help them in their investigation. Mike Kaste, a special agent with the F.B.I. spoke to the media asking residents to think back on Monday night, for any peculiar activity they might have seen.

"This is a tight-knit community, so someone would stick out. Everyone knows everybody here," said Kaste.

"We've gotten a few leads, nothing that I can really discuss at this point in time," said Louisiana Police Chief Rich Hughes. "But, any leads we can get, if anybody is seeking to assist us, we have set a volunteer center up, at the Elks Lodge, where they can sign-up and provide assistance there."

Volunteers take to the streets

Early this morning, dozens of volunteers lined up outside of the Elk's Lodge in Louisiana where authorities have created a volunteer headquarters. Since then, a steady stream of people have walked the city streets several times over in efforts to find the little girl. KHQA spoke with several volunteers throughout the day, some traveling across the state border to do what they could to help.

"The numbers are just coming in faster and faster," said Volunteer Mike Lesley. "We're going to cover the whole town, door to door, 2-3 times. Hopefully someone will have seen something that will help break this case."

Volunteers walked the streets in two, knocking on door after door, hoping for some to answer, with some answers.

"Whatever it takes, we'll be here," said Lesley.

Her family is still hopeful she'll come home safe.

"She smiles all the time, and she has really big brown eyes, eyes that stand out. She's a beautiful girl," said Angela Reddick, Alisa's aunt.

Alisa's grandfather only spoke a few words: "I want my baby back."

Praying for Alisa's Return

Later Tuesday night, beginning at 7 p.m., Alisa's family and friends held a prayer vigil on the Louisiana Riverfront. Prayers began at 7, following a few appreciative words from Alisa's father, brother and aunt. Hundreds of people attended the vigil, including first response teams and Louisiana and State Police. Most people KHQA spoke with did not know the Maier family personally, but said they wanted to show their support.

"I've had three sets of people come to my door with fliers today. I heard about this, so I came down to see if I could give some support, let them know people are thinking about them," said Carol Butricks.

"I've been up all night. Worried to death. We have been on Facebook for the last 24 hours. Getting the word out non-stop," said Debbie Barly.

State police and volunteers stood at main intersections within ten miles of Louisiana, stopping every vehicle that passed, handing out fliers with Alisa's pictures and contact information. They say they won't stop searching until Alisa comes home.

About Alisa:

Maier is described as a white girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She's about three feet tall and weighs about 40 pounds and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and blue jean shorts.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (573) 754-4021.

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