Miss Jenna's rainbow

Community members wore this shirt to support Jenna at her benefit.

Payson High School shone bright with colors on Sunday.

Local community members gathered at the school to attend Miss Jenna's Rainbow Benefit, a fundraiser for 12-year-old Jenna Edwards, who is fighting cancer.

"I think a lot of people in our community have always loved this little girl and we just felt like it was a good time to show her," said Joni Epperson, the benefit coordinator.

Doctors diagnosed Jenna with a brain tumor when she was only four years old. Jenna fought the cancer with chemotherapy and surgery and for many years, it seemed to work. That is, until last June when an MRI revealed her tumor had started to grow again.

Once again, Jenna is undergoing chemotherapy.

All the proceeds from Sunday's benefit will go to Jenna and her family to help pay for her ongoing medical expenses.

"I would like to thank everyone. It's overwhelming," said Janice Edwards, Jenna's mom. "There's no words....just 'thank you'."

"It seems like every other word that comes out of my mouth today is 'thank you'," said Darin Edwards, Jenna's dad.

If you're interested in donating to Jenna's cause you can contact Farmer's Bank in Liberty, Ill.