Mirror mirror on the wall ...

The Mirror Image Project is a trial program that's helping mothers and daughters build up their self-esteem.

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?

The Quincy Medical Group and NuFIT For You want you to answer, "me."

The two organizations are holding a six week self-image pilot program called The Mirror Image Project.

"I can keep doing what I love and if I don't give up I can accomplish anything," nine-year-old Mirror Image Project participant, Emily Asmann said.

That confidence is exactly what Tiffany Rains wants all girls participating in the program to leave with.

"I'm very passionate about women's issues and I believe it's important for women to be confident and half a strong self image," Rains said.

Rains is personal trainer but she's also going to school for her Masters degree in counseling. Now, she's bringing her two passions together with the project. The program is designed for moms and daughters, ages 8 to 12 to come in weekly and talk about their self-image and self-esteem.

"It's never going to come full circle and they're never truly going to be healthy. I'm a mom so I realize that how you feel about yourself is probably how your daughter is going to feel about herself," NuFIT For You owner and Mirror Image Project mom, Angie Asmann said.

"It's something that's needed today," Rains said. "All girls are going to face it sometime in their life, negative messages about their body and who they are whether it's from the media, their peers or other people. It's more of a proactive way to give these moms a way to talk to their girls about these things and be educated so when it comes to it they do feel okay addressing these issues."

"It's good for you and it helps mother and daughter bond," Emily said.

This is a trial run for the project and only eight spots for moms and daughters were available. All of those spots are taken but plans for future programs and seminars are in the works.

You can Mirror Image Project exercises, here.