Military veterans ramp up surprise for Tri-State Navy veteran

A Navy veteran returned to his Canton home Sunday night to find a welcomed surprise.

Jim Dettlaff spent the last few months at a Joliet, Illinois hospital recovering from a stroke back in September. The stroke left him in a wheelchair and unable to come home without additional accessibility.

What he didn't know is that a group called, the Tri-State Warrior Outreach along with AM Vets had built a ramp for Dettlaff to help him get in and out of his home.

They surprised him with the new slope Sunday night.

"It sure looks nice out there," Dettlaff said.

The Tristate Warrior Outreach teamed up with AM Vets after a discussion they had at the Veteran's "Big Read" this fall. AM Vets paid for the materials, and members of the Tri-State Warriors built the new ramp. Aaron Patrick is a co-founder of the Tristate Warrior Outreach and said it is important to help out veterans with their unmet needs.

"I think this is worth doing right here because it means so much more," Patrick said. "This right here is going to help for a long period of time. He'll be able to use his deck and watch his birds like he likes to do."

Dettlaff had planned on doing this himself before his stroke. Jim's wife, Carol, said the odds were against him for healing, but she never gave up hope.

AM Vets made Dettlaff an honorary member of their organization for what he has gone through.