Meth arrests on the rise in City of Quincy

Methamphetamine is on the rise in the Gem City.Police Chief Rob Copley says there were 25 meth-related arrests in 2008. That number increased to 26 in 2009; 39 in 2010 and 83 so far this year!

Wednesday night, scores of residents poured into this neighborhood meeting at Parson's Youth Center on Quincy's south side.

That area has seen an increase in crime the past three to four years.

The West Central Illinois Task Force showed residents these materials that are now used to make meth.

The so called "shake and bake method" is the preferred way to make the drug these days.

Users make it in empty soda bottles like this one, and it requires less pseudoephedrine.

An undercover officer told residents that in the past, meth manufacturers were mostly in their mid-20's up to their 50's

Now, many 18- to 19-year-olds are making and using it.

An undercover officer with the Quincy Police Department said, "When I first got hired in 2001, I came from a prior police department on the east coast where we didn't have so much meth. When I came here, I was inundated with it, and I've never seen a drug consume families, good people and tear people apart."

The Quincy Police Department asks for your help to stop the problem.

If you see any suspicious activity, you're asked to call Quincy Crimestoppers at (217) 228-4474.

You also can send a text alert to 7401123 or submit an anonymous tip on Quincy Regional Crimestoppers' Web site.